Rat Flaps

Keeping rats out of your home or business premises

Rat flaps are the ideal solution if you’ve just gotten rids of rats from your drains and want to ensure they never come back – or if you want to stop them from ever getting into your pipes in the first place.

They are a permanent, simple, and cost-effective solution to the problem of rats in drains. They act as one-way valves – stopping rats from racing towards your property, and at the same time, allowing sewage and other wastewater to flow away freely in the opposite direction.

Rat flaps are supplied in a variety of sizes to fit all the most common drain pipe diameters.

Benefits of rat flaps include

  • A Long-lasting ‘fit and forget’ system – no maintenance required. Once a rat flap is installed, it will work forever, and rats will never find a way past it

  • Easy to fit – can be installed in just a matter of minutes

  • No effect on outflow – the hinged flap will turn freely in one direction to allow wastewater and sewage leave your premises as normal. However, if rats try to run the other way, it instantly blocks their passage and stops them getting any further

  • No need for poisons – avoid the need of handling dangerous chemicals and also of the prospect of bad smells if a poisoned rat dies in your drains

  • Cost-efficient peace of mind – when you measure the price of a rat flap against the number of years of peace of mind rat control it will provide, you see a rat flap is definitely money well spent

Rat Flaps