If you’re involved in selling a house, then you could achieve a higher price simply by having the drains surveyed. Proof of this is how we were recently called in by an estate agent to conduct a drain survey of a house he was selling on behalf of a client. We examined the drains and […]

Drain Surveys Studies

We were recently contracted to carry out a commercial drain survey on a major redevelopment project involving a retail premises. A large property where a single retail business had operated before closing some four years ago was to be re-developed into a multi-unit shopping complex. This would have an anchor tenant and dependent, related smaller […]

Drain Surveys Studies

At Dublin Drain Cleaning, we regularly conduct drain surveys of new developments prior to handover to local authorities. These surveys are an essential part of the taking in charge process, and are necessary in order for the developer to recoup the moneys lodged as security at the outset of the build. We pride ourselves on […]

Cleaning Tips Shower Drains

If you go to the shower and find yourself standing on a pool of water, it means that there is an immediate need for you to clean your shower drain and do some clog removal steps. You can always hire a professional plumber to do the dirty work for you but if you are looking […]

Piping and Its Lifespan

December 9, 2014 News
Piping Lifespan

Pipes are some of the building blocks of good plumbing. Without durable and reliable pipes, you will have problems with plumbing. If you are on the planning phase of your dream home, it is a must for you to have basic knowledge of plumbing. You will be living in the house and you will be […]

Cost of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can be very inconvenient and they can also cost you a lot of money. If you want to avoid spending too much money, you must do your part in keeping your drains in tip-top shape. Clogged drains can be a minor annoyance but they can also become major plumbing problems if not attended […]

Chemical Drain Cleaners - Pros and Cons

People who do not take care of drainage systems often have problems and one of the most common plumbing and drainage problems is clogging. There are many ways to clear and solve clogging problems and one of the most convenient ways is to pour chemical drain cleaners down the drain but are we really doing […]

Grease Traps Types

A good house must have an excellent sewage system. If you want to live life comfortably, a waste disposal system is a necessity. You surely would not want to through the troubles and inconvenience which can be brought about by problematic sewage systems. If you are building your dream home or currently renovating the one […]