Drain Unblocking

An expert drain unblocking service

Dublin Drain Cleaning delivers an expert and efficient drain unblocking service for all problems with blocked drains.

Our skills and equipment means we can deal with any blockage from the largest commercial and industrial pipe right down to the smallest domestic one. All our vans come equipped with high-pressure jetting units and other tools to deal with your problem. If you need even more power, we’ll send out a lorry that can deliver even higher pressure, and that can also recycle the water used, to save on overall consumption.

Problems we solve with our drain unblocking service include:

  • Blocked sinks

  • Blocked toilets

  • Blocked manholes

  • Blocked foul drains and storm drains

  • Blocked downpipes, gullies, and AJ pipes

  • Blocked baths and showers

Drain Unblocking

When we first arrive to your home or business premises, we’ll investigate the problem. We’ll ask what you’ve tried already, especially if you’ve tried using any chemicals, as this may affect  our ability to use high-pressure jets due to the risk of splashback of harmful substances. We’ll then decide the best way to tackle the problem, with options including:

  • Rodding – particular suitable for indoor use, or in a small space

  • Sink machines

  • High pressure jetting

  • Vacuum truck for outdoor use in larger setting

Sometimes we may find that the problem is so severe, it cannot be properly repaired without excavation work. We will only do this after we have fully considered and exhausted all other possibilities, and we will carry it out efficiently and neatly too.