Drain Repairs

Our expert drains repairs service

Finding the problem with your drains is just the first step in what we do for you. Drain repairs is the next.

You may be worried that a mess will be caused by digging down to your pipes. There’s no need to be worried, because we have a number of other options.

Dublin Drain Cleaning provides some of the best ‘no dig’ drain repairs in Ireland, meaning that your problem can be fixed with minimum disruption to your site. If your site is a commercial or industrial operation, that means minimum downtime too.

Your ‘no dig’ drain repair will be one of two options, depending on the size and scale of the problem. It will be either a no-dig patch repair, or a more thorough drain relining solution.

No-dig patch repairs

Most problems we find in drains are relatively small and can be quickly fixed by applying an inline patch repair.

After the problem has been found with a CCTV drain survey, we use the camera again to help us apply a patch to it..

The patch consists of a glass fibre mat, specially impregnated with advanced epoxy resins. It is securely applied to the inside of the pipe, leaving a smooth and free-flowing repair solution. All such repairs come with a full five-year guarantee.

A no-dig patch repair can normally be in place in just a few minutes, with the adhesives and resins normally being dry enough to allow the pipe be used again in just one to two hours (weather dependant). This is how we keep our promise of minimum downtime and minimum disruption.

Drain Repairs

Drain re-lining repairs

If a patch or even a series of patches won’t be enough to solve the problem, then drain re-lining may the answer.

Thanks to the latest drain repairs technology, we can fully re-line long sections of problem drains, again saving both money and time on what would be disruptive digging work.

We first clean your pipes using a high-pressure jetting unit, to ensure there are no remaining blockages. We also take whatever other action is necessary to prepare your pipes for lining. For example, if roots have burst through your piping, we use a remote cutting tool to remove the offending clump and extract it from your drainage system.

When ready, the liner is impregnated with a three-part resin hardener and accelerator before being pulled into the drain and inflated to meet the inner walls of the pipe. Finally, it is cured using a hot water boiler, leaving a perfectly smooth finish.

Excavation drain repairs

Sometimes, even no-dig drain repairs may not be possible – for example, if pipes have completely collapsed due to pressure from roots, surface damage, or some other factors.

In these cases, excavation and replacement is the only option left. Even then, we offer expert and tidy drain repair solutions.

Our teams ensure disruption on your site is kept to a minimum, that all work is carried out efficiently, and that your site is tidied up and made good after pipe replacement has been completed.