Rodent Tracking

Tracking the source of rat problems

The most common way for rats to get into your home or business premises is through a damaged rain. However, finding that damaged spot can be next to impossible without expert help.

Drain-It is here to deliver exactly that help to you.

If you know of or suspect a rat problem in your drains, maybe through hearing scratching noises in them, contact us, and we’ll bring our rodent tracking equipment and expertise to you.

We have two main methods of finding the spots were the rats are getting in:

  • Pumping non-toxic smoke into your pipes, and watching to see if it emerges from unexpected places.

  • CCTV drain surveys to fully inspect your drains and spot other holes from which some might not emerge above ground level. These surveys might also even see the rats themselves!

Rodent Tracking

You could be surprised at just how small a hole that rats can get through, but our staff are all experts at spotting all possible entry points that they use.

Our pest control engineer will keep records of all defects in your pipework and then advise on how best to repair them so as to prevent the rats coming back – either no dig patching or pipe re-lining, depending upon the extent of the problem and damage.

We also recommend installing rat flaps, to continue keeping the rats out even if new problems develop in other sections of your drains.